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House Gallery Boutique is the manifestation of the creative genius of April Peter in fashion design. Born and raised in Vancouver, Studied Fashion Design at Kwantlen College in Richmond, April Peter’s avidly pursued her passion of art and fashion all her life. Through personal projects and custom commissioned work April’s sortie into the professional world of fashion design started from her school days but truly blossomed when she moved to Kitsalino and moved above a funky store called the Heart and Soul Psychic Center which she later moved her dressmaking business into.

Inspired by her unique cultural fashion taste, April Peter started off by creating intrinsically unique, one of a kind wearable art pieces for artists, entertainers and musicians but soon April took her expression of art to a whole new level. Combining rich fabrics with finely embroidered saris into unique exquisitely designed apparel, April Peters seeks to defy the pressures of the dominant fashion culture trends and create something new. Vivid tones and textures with subtle twists have been the hallmark of the art produced by her. Further sources of inspiration for April’s art included Isabella Blow, Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga.

April Peter’s experience with a diverse clientele includes producing high quality unique matching pieces for couples for weddings, creating exquisite costumes with themes for special parties, to creating high quality everyday life apparel; all custom made having the subtle touch of April’s artistic flare.  In between custom orders and managing her store, April dedicates time to working with talented photographers like Nina Pak. The duo has worked on numerous projects with high fantasy undertones for theme, which has further inspired April’s exotic creative designs such as her underwater dress catalogue which is designed with layers and tentacles to resemble majestic sea monsters. Another brilliant creative concept fleshed out by April into the mainstay of fashion design includes a steampunk theme catalogue.

Years of working in collaboration with models, hair dressers, makeup artists and photographers to produce pieces of art has refined April’s touch when it comes to finer details ensuring perfection when it comes to creating apparel. April has dedicated her life to cater to everyone who seeks her services, House Gallery Boutique stocks high quality fashion apparel for events ranging from Bridal to Graduation and everything in between. April masterfully merges diverse textures, materials, themes, ideas and color pallets from different cultures into astonishing new creations. Fashion designs which are both bold and daring yet stay true to nature, in creativity and unique style while refraining from overpowering the senses.



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